Acumendia is the first ever Internet-enabled grocery wholesaler servicing the United Kingdom & the Republic of Ireland.
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How do Acumendia Customers benefit from ordering online?

The Acumendia business supplies all of the wholesale needs to independent retailers and chains of small stores throughout the United Kingdom & the Republic of Ireland. Acumendia uses its cost advantage and low cost supply chain to offer its Customers the following benefits:

1. Lower prices

Product supplied at prices that are significantly lower than any existing delivered wholesaler.

2. Fresher product

Products pass through the supply chain faster and because of the company's high stock turnover, Acumendia is able to deliver products to its Customers with longer date codes.

3. Ease and convenience

Acumendia Customers can order online 7 days a week, at any time of the day or night. Any number of orders can be placed within each order "window".