Acumendia is the first ever Internet-enabled grocery wholesaler servicing the United Kingdom & the Republic of Ireland.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I order?

You can place your order at any time of the day or night on our website using your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone.

2. Are there any joining fees or commitments?

No. You will need to be set up as an Acumendia Customer to take advantage of our offer, but we realise that you value your independence and we do not therefore impose any constraints on how you trade with us.

3. Is there a minimum drop or delivery charge?

The minimum order is 1 pallet per SKU (Product).

There are no delivery charges.

4. How often can I order? How long does it take to arrive?

You can order as often as you like. The goods should normally arrive at your store within 4-5 working days of placing your order.

5. How and when do I pay for the goods?

Payment can be via direct debit, debit or credit card (including American Express) or via bank transfer. Please contact our office to discuss alternative payment methods if the above is not suitable for you.

6. What if there are shortages or damages on my delivery?

It is very unlikely that anything will be missing or damaged on your delivery because of the level of care we take to ensure it arrives exactly as you expect it to. Please notify us of any problems by noon on the day following your delivery, and we will then investigate the matter and look into crediting your account promptly.

7. What are the tax classes?

United Kingdom/Northern Ireland

1 = 0%

2 = 5%

3 = 20%

Republic of Ireland

1 = 0%

2 = 13.5%

3 = 23%


Our AWRS Registration Number is XCAW00000102739.

9. How do I join?

Simply log on to our website and complete the online application form.

Please contact us if you have any other questions


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