Acumendia is the first ever Internet-enabled grocery wholesaler servicing the United Kingdom & the Republic of Ireland.
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The Offer

Acumendia is the first choice as supply partner for successful retailers in the United Kingdom & the Republic of Ireland.

We offer...

1. A wide range of products at Cash & Carry prices

Permanently low prices across a range of big brand products normally found in the Cash & Carry. Our comprehensive range covers crisps, confectionery, snacks, soft drinks, groceries, pet food and household items, and is expanding all of the time.

2. Free delivery

Orders placed are delivered directly to your store within 4-5 working days, and delivery is FREE.

3. More time to run your business

You can place your order online at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No more rushing around the Cash and Carry.

4. Fresher, faster product

We send your order straight to the supplier and run a stockless distribution system. The products will arrive at your store within days of leaving the supplier and you benefit from the best available “sell by” dates.

5. How we work

Acumendia can offer a full delivered service at Cash & Carry prices because it has a very low cost distribution system.

6. Use of technology

All of our processes have been automated and benefit from the efficient use of information technology. This results in time being saved: by our Customers, by us and by our logistics partners and suppliers.

7. Just in time stock system

We don’t hold vast amounts of stock and this helps to keep our costs down. We pass on the savings we make directly to our Customers in the form of lower prices.

8. No Cash & Carry depots

Suppliers deliver into just one distribution centre where your orders are picked and dispatched.

9. Lower delivery costs

By using spare capacity in one of the most reputable distribution networks in Europe we operate a delivery service at a fraction of the normal cost.